Following Dieter Rams principles: good design...

1. is innovative
2. makes a product useful
3. is aesthetic
4. makes a product understandable
5. is unobtrusive
6. is honest
7. is long-lasting
8. is thorough down to the last detail
9. is environmentally-friendly
10. is as little design as possible

complete control

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in house at our LA 🇺🇸 facility. Vertical integration allows a fast feedback loop, increasing the speed of innovation and reducing cost. Close-to-the-metal information allows us to spot issues early and often, improving quality control. Our process:

1. prepare and cut stock
2. machine in batches
3. send to finisher for bead blast, anodization, & dye (only part we don't do)
4. assembly and final QC check
5. ship to our lovely customers


Meticlously engineered for tight tolerances and an illustrious finish. Combinind mechanical, industrial, and materials engineering to deliver a simpler, lighter, cleaner, more functional grinder than the competition at competitive prices.

We try our best to follow Elon Musks 5 step engineering process:

1. make the requirements less dumb
2. the best part is no part
3. simplify and optimize
4. accelerate cycle time (we are here)
5. automate