who are we?

Recreation's focus is mindful consumption for happier, healthier experiences. Everything we consume is a tool to alter our state. Tools can help or harm, support or sabotage. We believe, with the right tools in the right hands, amazing things happen.

Recreation's products empower individuals with optionality to consume when, where, and how you choose. Our subtle, dynamic two & three-piece grinders, SOLO & DUET, provide unmatched convenience.
  • magnetic connections with soft-close o-ring seals
  • a magnetic lighter sleeve holds rolling papers in place, never lose them again
  • top-container provides storage for ground or unground
  • anti-gunk guide ring provides space between the walls, removing metal-on-metal contact and providing unparalleled smoothness
The SWIG flask let's you go out without breaking the bank, helping moderate and cap drinking.

    the team

    Recreation was founded and is run by brothers Ian and Alec Watts. Ian studied mechanical engineering and Alec computer science, though both work across the fields. 

    Ian Watts: co-founder, head of physical products, machinist, content, web design, logistics

    Alec Watts: co-founder, head of software (Consume), design consultant

    How It's Made

    Our grinders are designed, manufactured, assembled, and shipped in house. The only aspect we don't do directly is the finishing, an industrial process. Our grinders are made of Aluminum 6061-T6 (or "aerospace grade aluminum" to impress). The process is roughly as follow:

    1. pickup 6 foot lengths of 2 3/8" diameter aluminum rod
    2. batch cut (5 at a time) the required pieces of stock (.18-.82" long)
    3. load the pieces of stock into the mill, machine
    4. unload, quick inspection
    5. deburr (round off sharp edges), further inspection
    6. load up and drop off at finisher for cleaning (acid bath), glass bead blasting, bright dipping, anodization, and dyeing; pick up last batch
    7. (sometimes sell metal shavings to recycling center)
    8. laser cut friction rings using K40 laser cutter
    9. assemble grinders, batching by part type; press magnets, slide friction rings, press o-rings
    10. one last inspection, then packaged up, note written, and sent off

    I will continue to expand this section, let me know what you are interested in and would like to know more about!


    I want to thank a few people who have made this possible

    • the whole Watts family (mom Cathy, dad Andrew, sister Caroline) for constant support in every way
    • Ian Pulice and Jonas Hirshland have been, and continue to be, constant sounding boards and helped push me on the journey
    • Tim Matthiassen and Danny Shellworth provided great insight and contributions on marketing and helped bring some life to the branding