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👋 plastic bags & tins

🏃‍♂️ goodies on the go
🧲 secure magnet & o-ring seal
🪶 ultra-lightweight
👯‍♂️ extra storage for grinders

*magnetic lighter holder + papers not included

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Modular design let's you mix and match components, and tag on accessories

Short teeth provide a smoother grind and allow room for more grinding

Secure seal from the magnet & o-ring

Satisfying sensations from the magnetic connection, providing unparalleled fidgeting & noises


Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6 is light and scratch resistant

Epoxy-coated Neodymium magnets are subtle and strong

Nitrile o-ring provides a perfect seal and satisfying thump


Weight: 1.2 oz (~3 baby carrots)

Height: 0.7"

Diameter: 2.3” (between a standard medium & large)


Where are they made?

The grinders are made by me, Ian, in Los Angeles. I buy raw aluminum, cut it into pieces, machine them, do the first QC check, get them anodized and dyed, run another QC check, then assemble, package, and ship them to you! I spray paint the boxes and bags, and write every note.

Where’s the kief catcher?

Our design principles focus on simplicity; that the best part is no part. My experience with kief is usually one of regret and dangerous doses. While serving some purpose, we believe the kief is better left on the flower. We may explore it in the future if there is enough demand.

How does it work?

All magnetic design with o-ring seals, top storage, a portable pod, and anti-gunk o-ring.

What’s your refund & return policy?

30-day no questions asked. Learn more here.

How is it shipped?

Orders over $40 qualify for free 2-7 day shipping through USPS.

How do I reach you?

Message us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or We love getting any and all feedback, suggestions, ideas

Are the o-rings safe?

Yes, the o-rings are made of nitrile, a common material for gloves safe to eat with.

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